What the world expects of you….

“Never mind what the world expects of you.  It is too low a standard to be concerned about.”

~~ Robert Brault

I love the things that Robert Brault writes and he is posting his wonderfully wise one-liners daily on his website. Do visit it.

I am always wondering about what the world expects of me and so is everyone else. Talk about a tragicomic situation….

We are all messed up in our own unique ways. So were the saints and sages of yesterday and today. Everyone is imitating themselves in hopes it will surely work on some far-off horizon no one can ever grasp.

What the world expects of me is that I sit down and shut up. I try; I really do. But something perverse in me persists.

I actually sit down and shut up a lot. I call that being silent, being at the still point. But the world is not privy to that moment of silence. It can’t be.

So we sally forth into the world playing our various roles mechanically. We are not able to play them consciously. That is another pipe dream the ego has.

When I visit Facebook, I don’t believe a word of triumph anyone says, for triumph is born of defeat. The opposites are so interconnected as to be one. God has such a sense of irony….

We can’t work this situation out, not as long as we breathe the air of this planet. All we can do is see how crazy we are. Try not minding what the world expects of you.

I would try it myself but I am too busy hoping you will grin at the irony of the problem of being human. It can’t be done. Something divine keeps getting in the way.

Vicki Woodyard


    1. I love it when people are touched by what I write, if I have escaped the usual spiritual format in order to let something real break through. Thank you!


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