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The Soul’s Garden

Seldom does anyone come to visit. I used to feel so guilty about that, so lacking in social reinforcements. Perhaps you fall into the same category, introverted and happy alone most of the time.

Now I understand that since there is no free will, there is nothing to feel guilty about. My life situation is perfectly designed for me. It is a snowflake life, just like everyone else’s. We may complain about it all we like, but complaint cannot touch one’s destiny.

For grace prevails in the heart when one has surrendered. As I made the video of me in my yard, I saw the beauty in my life. And by the way, my perennial garden does not require maintenance. I love that about it. Oh, the hostas need to be divided on occasion, but that’s about it.

I have lived in this house for so many years and it is still “the new house” because I am still in it. I was thinking the other day that when we move, we totally leave the old house behind. I never think about where I lived before this. That life has gone and this one has arrived. The same thing happens on vacation. Your house simply vanishes!

My life is about inner growth. I hope my inner garden is burgeoning, and I believe it is. I feel that I still have much to learn. Since Don Theo entered my life, I think far less than I used to. Something about his energy just slowed my thoughts down to a crawl.

If I am not social by nature, it doesn’t mean I don’t love and enjoy people when the occasion arises. I just keep my home private, perhaps so I can put the energy into my work.

I hope my writing means something to the few; the many will just hurry on by, looking for the latest quick fix. But there is none. There are only revelations of the One. The One sprinkled among us as trees, flowers, animals, human beings, etc. Miracles flow from strange and mysterious places. Hardships urge us onward and upward. Success presses us into great abeyance of the Word. All we need to do is show up….


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Signs of Grace are Everywhere

Old Street Signs
I stopped by my eye doctor’s office to get my glasses adjusted. Then I went to Publix. There I ran into my writer friend, Mary Anne Edwards. We visited and I found out her mother had died, but she herself is cancer-free! We chatted about book publishing, both of us have a fourth book written. She is about to publish hers. I told her mine was in the “Maybe Later” file for now.

Then one of my favorite checkers, a black actor named Andre, signaled me over to his line to checkout. He said and I quote, “Your energy drew me!” He is fabulously good-looking and very kind to boot. While we chatted, a young man was bagging as fast as Andre was talking and checking.

As he pushed my buggy to the car, I asked where he was from. “From Kenya,” he said. His name is Collins and he has been in the states for “One year and 28 days.” I asked if he liked it here. He said he did, but he was homesick.

“This is a great place to work,” I said, “The people here are very nice.” I told Andre my story about taking it to the streets and he loved hearing it. Then we talked carrot cake and how much we loved icing (frosting). The cake is just there for the icing, as far as I’m concerned.

And that is my update so far. I feel happy. I feel grateful. And I look forward to the rest of the day.

Vicki Woodyard

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Take it to the Streets….

Today I took it to the streets,
The carwash, where it all comes down.
I stood there under an amazing sky,
not knowing why I took it to the streets.

I felt the beat, the throb of the mob fall away.
Under a sky for only today.
The carwash, where I found a friend.
Young man wise and full of joy.
Wiping down my car, his employ.

Today I took it to the streets.
No wonder it felt so sweet, so sweet.
My eyes met his and the wizardry of
life begin to melt the gap in the beat.
Today is only where two souls can meet.

Vicki Woodyard

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A night of grace….

I have written of this before, but I got up this morning knowing I would record it on YouTube. It is about grace of the Self.
I hope you find some meaning in it.

Here is the link.

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You and I

I sit in the old chair we ordered;
it was much too large for me.
I say some words just given
ladled up from some wild sea.

The soup is on; the tea is brewing.
There is nothing I am doing.
All the old and all the new
are kept in bunches, then
they’re through.

The moon is waxing;
life is taxing.
Time for me to sit some more.
I remember, I remember
this and nothing more.

Vicki Woodyard

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Daily Thoughts on Nothing

Rob making chili
Thoughts I have on any given day or Repetition, Inc.

If I were daring enough to share my thoughts with you, those I had just today, they would sound something like this. (Okay, just like this!)

Early morning

“Ugh, that was a bad dream. I was in jail and being mistreated. I feel so guilty. But what did I do? I’ll get up now.”

“Yum, oatmeal and tea. Facebook, nothing new or different. I want to stop by the grocery and then I’ll go buy some plants at Home Depot.”


“I think I want a pimiento cheese sandwich and a piece of candy and a cup of coffee. We are running low on freon in the AC. Need to schedule a visit as soon as possible.

I think I’ll work a crossword puzzle.”


“Here I am listening to Leonard again. I love him. Age is not a factor. Back on Facebook. Not much going on.”

Late afternoon

“Smells good. Rob is on kitchen duty today; he is making chili. I still need to take a walk. Tomorrow I’ll wash and putter while I wait for the AC guy to come.”

Woven in and out of these daily self-mumblings I repeatedly remember myself, that I am the Self and that everything is okay. Leonard helps. My own witnessing helps. He reinforces the fact that no one has control over anything. We can quit making an effort to steer the ship of eternity. It knows where it is going and we don’t.

My final thought today so far: “I am grateful for this day, for the chili-maker, Rob, and for you, the reader. Pull up a chair. The chili is sure to be delicious.”

Vicki Woodyard

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Vernon Howard’s Toughness

Here is a video where I speak of Vernon Howard’s necessary toughness on his students.

Vernon Howard’s necessary toughness on his students

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A State of Grace

No one has all the answers all the time. You can scroll through Facebook all day long, reading every scrap of advice posted there. You can say “Aha, that’s great!” and hit Like but nothing real has happened.

We are seduced by mighty forces. No one escapes. That is the nature of the world, as Christ knew only too well. The only solution is forgiveness. Self-forgiveness.

Inner work is about getting back up off the mat and staggering towards the light. Nothing changes immediately, for you are a bare beginner. When you are truly advanced, you know that you don’t know. And that equals knowing that you know.

Try to get the drift of things as soon as you can. Don’t waste time in idle thinking. You already know in your gut who is conning you. And at times you enjoy the little drama of it all.

But then God punches you so hard you can’t get up off the mat. It is then that he is doing you a favor. Lie there until you receive his grace.

My own kayos have led to deep determination to learn how to rest. I am good at resting now. He makes me to lie down in green pastures.

I think of my friend Peter and how he spoke of resting and watching robins run across the grass. He was never on Facebook yet he had seen God in everything. I will close with something he said about gurus:

“Intermediaries are a waste of time when the body is crumbling. I have found that such difficulties tend to make other sounds meaningless. Only the beating of one’s true heart has meaning.”

When I read his words I fall into a state of grace.

Vicki Woodyard

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Thou art that….

One never expects the mind to become silent, yet mine is surprisingly so. Occasionally my dreams still dredge up the past, making me feel guilty and unworthy. Yet neither day nor night is real. The eternal Self is ever-present.

As I began to experiment with recording, I knew something different was happening. I felt such a calm surety about it. It doesn’t really matter what I say, but that I say it.

I don’t expect anyone but the few, the handful, to listen. And that is just how it should be. You should feel like I am talking to you in your most relaxing space. I never know what the subject will be. Most of it will be repetitive on purpose. That is how the truth sinks in.

Vernon Howard said he only gave one talk; he just changed the words in it every time. Once you catch onto the mystery, you won’t need to listen to anyone anymore. Freedom from the world is hard-won, but it is won.

These days are speeding by so fast. The hamster wheel is turning faster and faster. We must slow down, must turn within to discover the pearl of great price. It is us. We are it. Thou art that.

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