A Conversation on Awakening

L: I just wanted to comment on your recent blog post, “The Ides of January” and thank you. No poetry, nothing profound (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Your suggestion to “do this in remembrance of me,” is the best pointer I have ever heard. Perhaps because of my background, as my Dad was a Chaplain. It absolutely feels real, simple and sacred. Our difficulty re-cognizing the I am as the Christ-consciousness, is it lack of trust, fear? It feels like fear of the unknown, fear of external changes when this is remembered.

Yes, I am drawn to esoteric Christianity; I don’t go to church, altho I used to until I discovered that most people in church are not serious about doing inner work.

Everyone runs on fear, altho few admit it. There is no point at which any human being can say they have “attained.”

The big issue is that we are mechanical, unconscious people. To have energy to be in God’s presence consciously, we have to have the available energy.

C asks the question: So what makes you leave this reality again and again? Tell us what tool you use to get back into the Christ awareness. ..each time you lose your way?

Vicki: That means monitoring your energy, seeing how you waste it in idle thought. Instead, we can be gathering energy to use in awakening. Christ said in so many words, “Awake, thou that sleepest.”

L: You talk about energy a lot, and it certainly feels true on a personal basis. That is the true dedication for me, to be still and gather the energy. My intuition is that it requires simplifying my life, which while it feels lovely and necessary, also demands energy. A seemingly vicious circle, but it seems more clearly than ever it is one I need to attend to.

I don’t go to church much either, except on Good Friday, when I find the liturgy to be particularly profound. I am certainly open to attending regularly if I find, as you said, people serious about their inner work.

Vicki: Everything Christ said is about awakening, about leaving the world. Few get deeply involved in esoteric teachings, despite what they say. Even serious students fall asleep repeatedly. Even the disciples. There is no magic bullet. Just a deep desire to be free.

Well, that is enough for now…thank you both for engaging in a bit of talk about walking the walk. We do it alone to the Alone most of the time. But where two or more are gathered….we support each other.

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The Ides of January, 2017

January 15, 2017

The soul is shy, understandably. It, being all-seeing and all-knowing, shuns the glare of this dark and shiny world.

For it to thrive, you must follow the Christ-consciousness and die to the world. The world has nothing to give you but grief and attachment.

I am asking you to attach only to the “I am” awareness, for it is your birthright to do so.

Here is an exercise for you to do all day long:

“This do in remembrance of me.” Yes, do everything as an act of self-remembering. For you are the Christ-consciousness itself.

Keep it simple. Keep it real. Keep it private and sacred.

Question nothing but your own negativity and lack of trust in yourself. For if you learn to trust yourself, you learn to trust God. There is no difference in the two.

Vicki Woodyard

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Walking the Spiritual Path

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Vital Keys to Awakening

Cold weather here down south. Supposed to snow tomorrow….

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Watch my first video of 2017….

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Donations Appreciated!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone….

If you can donate to my blog or order one of my books, it would be greatly appreciated!

I write for free, so donations help cover my expenses and let me know you enjoy what I do over the course of a year.



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Being an Esoteric Student of Vernon Howard

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Noel, No Hell….

The reality is that there is no reality. Every life is tailor-made to fit the person living it. That is why the old saw is that if everyone put their troubles out on a clothesline, everyone would pick their own. Something in us knows that this world is a perfect reflection in each individual’s eyes.

So what do we do with this knowledge? We don’t dissect it intellectually. We don’t pick it to pieces in a heartless fashion.

We love it just as it is and we go on. The more we love it, the less we hate it and fight it.

Noel, noel. No hell, no hell.

Vicki Woodyard

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Restoring Your World

Drinking from the fountain of your own soul. How do you do it? The answer is simple. You sit down and shut up. Not only talking, but thinking. Turn your thoughts down so low you can’t hear them. Then get busy. Get busy just sitting there doing nothing.

Vernon Howard taught me this. “Work hard gathering energy when you have no problems.” No one needs to have this explained to them. Explanations are useless. Silence is what will generate all of the power you need.

The world is a draining mechanism fueled by the thoughts of sleeping people. Their thoughts throw off negativity until it wold take Noah’s Ark to crest the stream. Wait a minute!

Your intention to gather energy does the trick. It floats your boat above the storm. It’s so easy. Why don’t more people do it? Because the masses don’t read stuff like this. That’s why.

The few put it out there and the few find it. It has always been that way. So what does this have to do with drinking from the fountain of your own soul? You tell me. But not using words.

All the power you ever needed was self-power. The world goes on without you and because of you. Not a bad thing to do when you find yourself exhausted once again. Just sit and gather energy. There’s more than plenty to restore your world.

Vicki Woodyard

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Your Energy Signature

It is 5:05 in the morning and I had to get up and write this. Like the proverbial bolt out of the blue, it hit me. People recognize each other by their energy signatures! At least that is how I manage to navigate through this somewhat perilous world of make-believe, or maya.

I have often wondered why I was born with such intensity. I have learned to dial it back when I am out in the world. That seems necessary. Yet when I write I come home to who I really am. So my writing is its own signature and you either read it loud and clear or you don’t. Like Vernon Howard, I give off both positive and negative energy. It’s not as if I think about this. It’s simply how I am wired. I imagine that we are identical in this respect.

Some years ago I realized that I had to divorce myself from certain things in my life socially. These were things that seemed innocuous enough yet were rather toxic for me. For example, I can’t sit in a group where people are discussing spirituality. I have to experience it directly.

I found that I can do this with my shaman friend. His signature is so powerful that people are drawn to him magnetically. Why? Because his energy is far and away higher than that of the average bear. He is what he is, unapologetically. And what he is is presence.

We thrive on genuine presence and it is a decidedly rare commodity. It can’t be bought or sold. It is more precious than silver or gold, to use a cliche. It is healing and has a deep rippling effect. I only see Theo twice a year, but these are priceless hours with a man who sees more than he says.

If you are wondering why you feel so dissatisfied with your life as it is, take a look at whose energy signatures you are drawn to. As I survey the people in my life, and they are few, I realize that what I love about them is their energy, their ability to make me feel safe and loved no matter what I might say or do. As Jesus says, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

We human beings are so good at saying one thing and feeling another. Vernon Howard taught me that. I loved his energy right away, but most people don’t. I was drawn to his “Take it or Leave it” approach to life, as I vibrate on that string myself. Others don’t. We are all different. So when you meet someone new, just know that their energy signature is by far the most important thing about them. And places have this same effect on people. They have vibes that attract or repel you. And you tend to return to the places of attraction. It doesn’t matter much what you think of them; it is how you feel about them.

My blog and Facebook Page have my signature all over them. While many are attracted, some are repelled and that is exactly how it should be. We are all on our own unique trips and we know, without a GPS, how to navigate life energetically. Peace on us all.

Vicki Woodyard

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