Worth my salt?….

This is my second salty note today. Insert weak “heh heh” here. I got up with a neck ache so I went to the Chiro for an adjustment. I told him I still had voice problems and he ended up recommending I see his chiropractic guru. Seems he is great with any diagnosis or undiagnosed mystery ailment.

After that I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to replace my trusty microwave neck wrap. Of course, they didn’t have it, so I bought another one to try.

I wanted to go by the credit union to get my 2018 date book and suddenly I found myself in a construction lane with oncoming traffic headed right at me. How did THAT happen? I started motioning to the car about to hit me to “Don’t hit me!” And fortunately, she was able to miss me and drive on.

I pulled off the road, got out of the car and asked a random construction worker what to do. He said, “Back up, turn around and I’ll stop traffic until you get back in the right lane.” And I did that, quite shamefacedly, and came back home.

But not before stopping for gas, only to find that they were temporarily out. What a day! Then I watched Stephen Colbert interview the guy that wrote the anti-Trump book. And so I can tell you, which is no surprise, that Trump is also in the wrong lane. He just doesn’t have anyone to stop traffic while he backs out and corrects himself. I’m just sayin’….

I love how I am writing the truth these days. You can’t make this stuff up. Or can you? Don’t feel I am wasting your time. The time-wasters are those that tell you that you can wake up and never go back to sleep. Now that’s a bald-faced….

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Hahahaha Thanks for the chuckles, Vicki. I did something similar a couple of years ago. Only, there wasn’t any construction. I just drove down a busy one way street. Hahaha


  2. Your driving incident sounds very much like something that would happen to me. It feels good to have someone out there who gets me. Jacob had been giving me driving lessons again lately. (I have my license, but I’m sooo rusty.) It comes as such second nature to him.


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