A Grain of Salt

What I do and who I am…..with a grain of salt

Someone in all kindness left a comment on my blog but they used “advaita-speak.” Some of you know what this is. If you don’t know, here is a loose definition, speaking as if you were born in India and had studied under a master and were now trying to ‘splain it to Lucy Ricardo. It would be an experience in futility for quite a few reasons. And it wouldn’t have the comedic punch, either.

I have read all of the books and listened to all of the teachers. Nevertheless, I do not stoop to complicated words and phrases or try to mimic great teachers. Sometimes I quote them; most people do.

What I do here is be who I am by nature and by intent. I write from the heart to a handful of folks that get me. Not by the words I use but by the affect the words have on them.

If you don’t like me, you will know it very quickly. Same thing if you do like me. I just write my heart out and let the chips fall where they may.

I am a human animal and a work in progress. Complicated words about awakening do not float my boat, which always seems to be sinking in spite of my best efforts.

So apologies are not being given here, just a rather rudimentary explanation of what I don’t do. And sometimes I “don’t do it” very well. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Vicki Woodyard

Lucy Sees the Self


  1. Oh, that’s so funny Vicki! Lucy Ricardo… hahahaha… what a wonderful belly laugh I just had. I just love where your chips fall.


  2. Vicki, so funny, am still giggling. Too, I am glad you included this gem in your many writings. How many times have I had the same thought only such an apt and amusing term – advaita-speak – never came to my mind. I won’t forget this the next time one speaks to me. Though I doubt any will. You nailed it! 😉


  3. I hope you don’t think I was trying to school you in spiritualism. I think India is just as corrupt as any western guru. Everyone seems to struggle with suffering. The best you can do is lessen it, short of ending thought all together, in which case if you do come upon that state you can just kick back and enjoy the being you always suspected you were cheated out of. Whether that is true or not. We seem to be skating on surfaces very well, sometimes we fall thru the ice, but that goes with skating which I learned early in life on a frozen creek in the dead of winter! Emerson said we would all like to help our fellow floundering beings, but if we lend so much as a finger, we will be pulled under. Is that not so Miss Vicki?


    1. Hi Ray, I just feel I have to make it clear every now and then that this ain’t no spiritual forum where people analyze, explain or parse what I write. You can do that elsewhere, which is a location I left some time ago. It felt way too general for me..


      1. Thanks for reminding me. sometimes I get carried away. You said something very important, about reading a ton of books and looking back and wondering what you got out of it. As an avid reader,I found this timely. The history, science. architecture books help in that they educate you and expose you to facts you do not know. I feel education is good or a better distraction than a lot of other addictions. Self help books seem of little value. As for literature, I remember a few authors, I reread Emerson. Other than that, it’s just carry on as usual! Very nice website.


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