Here is the Situation

Here is the situation. You want other people to like you, so you put your best foot forward. They are doing the same thing.

Solution: See this for the truth that it is.

You don’t like other people, but you pretend that you do. They are doing the same thing.

See this, too, for the truth that it is.

No one is immune to what I just said. Well, maybe except for you.

Who are you?

Someone who sees and knows exactly what is going on. The problem is that if you admit it, you will be labeled a pessimist or someone cynical about human nature.

This is fodder for humorists and is also known as esoteric knowledge.

Now you know. Are you laughing your ass off or stroking your chin and saying “I’ve always known that?”

Or maybe you are doing both.

Do you want to be free of both sides of the opposites?

Nod your head yes or say you already are.

Either answer is incorrect.

If you think that there are answers, you will also think that there are questions.

Gotcha, but only sorta.

I was just sitting around pondering the imponderables when I realized the Catch 22 in being a social animal. Introverts are grinning. Extroverts enjoy playing the game even though they know the answer.

Now I must see what you all think of what I have just written. But then, I already know. Or don’t I?

Please close the door as you enter or exit this essay. Thank you!

Vicki Woodyard

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