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An End of Year Reflection

“Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those that find it.” ~ Andre Gide

Rob gave me a copy of Quotes That Will Change Your Life edited by Russ Kick. It is grist for the mill and the above quote certainly rings a bell with me.

Online discussions of truth fall far short of their goal, which is to become the truth that you already are. Paradox rocks, as I often say. Social media is built of pretense, as is anything social. Raw chunks of ego simply cannot be digested by other human beings.

Instead, we like our egos watered down, sweetened and compromised. Online truth is merely a stopping point along the way to inner freedom. That comes when you are not part of the pack.

Like in the ha ha “real world,” the online world has its alpha males and females. They strut their stuff better than the rest of the pack. They account for the lion’s share of the profits and benefits. Charisma is a selling point since way back when.

Of course you can buy books and take courses on how to up your online status, but ultimately the path to truth is not paved by technology. I think God knows this. He knows far more than Search Engines do, ‘least I think so. He may even be privy to who we really are. I certainly don’t trust anyone that says that they know. The fires of hell are stoked by spokesmodels. I prefer to unearth truth in an unseemly form. That is why I studied with Vernon Howard. He yelled at us and told us we were idiots, much like Gurdjieff did. That approach thins the herd of spiritual wannabes.

I remain a seeker and a doubter of finders. Happiness is seeking yourself while your inner idiot is distracted by shiny teachers offering nirvana to numbskulls.

I don’t know how to end this, so I will just…trail off…into the…Oh, look, another shiny teacher!

Vicki Woodyard


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