Things I Want to Say

Things I Want to Say

My blog is about things I want to say. Not necessarily about the path, non-duality or enlightenment. That is the one-note approach found on so many online writings. Some teachers make their living doing this. It is not for me to judge whether that is right or wrong. I myself appreciate it if you would consider donating to the site from time to time. Just to let me know I am being read and appreciated.

Sometimes I write about things going on in my life. At other times, messages flow through me like they are timely enough to post. My life is a mashup, just like yours. Remember that the great teachers being studied are long gone. Life was different then. Social media did not allow just anyone to call themselves a teacher. Now anyone can and does. Buyer beware.

For every Ramana there is a poseur. There are many “dirty rotten scoundrels” out there. It has ever been thus. Vernon Howard taught me to be skeptical, but not cynical. Wary but not frightened. Like the hawk in the photo, keen-eyed and sure.

Today I went to the grocery. It is a gorgeous October day and I hope to take a nice walk around the neighborhood.

This morning, as always, I woke up rather anxious. Other people experience this, too. Seinfeld says he feels that way every morning until he gets out of bed. It takes me a while to shake off the feeling, but after breakfast I begin to feel normal.

Sitting in silence, I remember the power of a good intention. I circle myself with white light and feel grateful for another day on earth.

Vicki Woodyard

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