A Key Idea

Here is a key idea:

Jesus did not take a human birth in order to fit in. Let that sink in for a while.

That means you don’t have to feel guilty about not fitting in. Lord knows you have tried and so have I.

Perhaps there is no “in” to fit into! I love a good conundrum, for it lifts you above the mind and its problem-solving mindset.

I have tired of fitting into social media. It has nothing to offer me but much to rob me of. My time, primarily. I only have so much.

It is time for me to be come a good curmudgeon-ess. Time for me to root out the neo-types and let them suffer with their parsing of what it all “means.”

It is meaningless until you see that it is not meaning that delivers the goods. It is above words and thoughts.

I am that I am and I don’t fit into any box created for me.

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Vicki Woodyard

*This has no relevance to the post, but I just found another snakeskin outside my kitchen door. At least 3 feet. Signs and wonders.


  1. Interesting post for me, Vicki, since I have realized somewhat recently that I have put a lot of effort into trying to fit in somewhere, with someone or somehow… I have been pondering the futility of it all. I, too enjoy a conundrum, they somehow bring me comfort. And I saw 3 dead snakes on my walk the other day and wondered about that. I am not yet graced with the insight to read all of the signs, I am just satisfied for now that I recognize them as such. Thank you for your beautiful work .


    1. It is the nature of ego to try to fit in and fail. People lie about this; it is nevertheless true. Those who are
      nonconformists are trying to fit in with nonconformity!

      Yes, nature speaks. As Theo Paredes says, “The universe is in-formation.” I used to dread the sight of these
      snakes skins so close to my house. Now they seem like a gift to me.

      The many hawk feathers dropped in my yard are miraculous to me.

      I am glad you like what I write, Annie. Thank you.


  2. Love the snakeskin and hawk feathers, Vicki. As you well know, the Universe is always sending us gifts. I have never fit in and never want to. It’s wonderful to be 65 and finally be embracing that I’m a free-thinker and refuse to buy into what we are force fed by marketing and media. The only “truth” is that we follow our hearts and be true to ourselves no matter who we are or where we are in our lives. The Universe will pour in when we put aside our egos and open our hearts. This is quite a rambling comment!


    1. I giggle, because outwardly we both look like conformists. My friend Tallulah ad I laugh about this, too. No one watching us have lunch would know we are talking about “woo woo” things because we don’t look eccentric.


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