Help Needed

As my faithful blog readers know, I have left Facebook, except for posting links to my blog and videos. I find that this gives me time I need to connect with spirit rather than mechanically being on social media all day long.

I have lost readers because of this and I don’t mind, for this is the price that must be paid. Now I have more conscious readers but fewer of them. In fact, if I don’t post a new essay, some days no new reader stops by.

I am thinking of getting some paid help to optimize my SEO; it seems to be the only way out. I am asking for your help in the form of donations if you want to see my blog last. I need for more people to find out about the blog.

I have a new book coming out next year and the way it is now, I won’t have a market for it if I don’t let people know I am out here.

If you are so inclined and understand my dilemma, make a donation through PayPal on my site. Here is the link:

Note: The SEO idea seems to be beyond what I can afford or understand, so forget that. But any donation at any time helps considerably to keep the blog alive and afoot.


Comments welcomed....