By the Grace of God

I saw Theo on Monday afternoon. He looked wonderful, having lost quite a bit of weight since I saw him in June. I asked if it was on purpose and he said, “I was having some foot pain and the doctor thought it might be from pressure on the sciatic nerve.”

Our connection is profound. What else can I say? We chatted for a few minutes. I told him about finding the many hawk feathers. I had brought one to show him and asked him what he thought it meant. “Connection with higher energies” was his answer.

He worked on me in silence, clearing my body of what needed to go. An hour with him is worth more than a two-week vacation.

At the end of the session, he reminded me that he still hoped I would visit him in Peru. “I’m scared,” I confessed. He knows that, of course; that is why he thinks it important for me to come.

“I think of you often,” I told him.

“Sometimes I sense a presence around me and then I think, “Oh, that’s Vicki!” He said. This is not the first time someone has told me I visited them, usually at night. Many years ago a mystic told me that I liked to visit with people astrally, just to hang out and talk about spiritual things. I thought that was far-fetched until one or two people reported me doing just that.

“I think of calling you, but there is really nothing to say,” I told him.

“You can call me just to say hello,” he said. And he means it.

It is by the grace of God I was put in touch with this man and every day finds me grateful. Whether or not it finds me in Peru is another story.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. What a blessing to have Theo in your life and sharing your journey. I absolutely believe we visit each other on the astral plane – maybe you and I already have! The hawk feathers were such a beautiful gift from the Universe. The gifts are all around us.


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