Stay in the Conversation

After I wrote “Son Shine,” someone commented, “Stay in the conversation.” Hmmm. What does that mean but to stay connected to what is real and immediate? Someone else wrote: “We are the sanctuary, the healing place.”

Last night I had a deep dream. I was carrying my baby boy, who was blind. He was quite heavy and I got lost and took shelter with a young woman who had a large family of young children. Their living conditions were primitive. She had no phone, but she found a woman who could take us home but in the dream we ended up in the family of an eccentric man who dressed and lived as if from a crude and earlier time. His methods were strange and I understood I might learn from him if I returned.

I told him my son could sing in a very powerful voice. When I told him my son was blind, he was surprised that I had not questioned the diagnosis. He showed my son some things that would stimulate his other senses, such as touch and hearing. My husband came to get us and was introduced to the man and he liked him immediately.

At the end of the dream some sort of party was happening and a number of things passed through my hands but the one that moved me was a red leather bound volume of Yeats. As I begin to turn its pages, I began to weep. In waking life I have never had the slightest interest in Yeats.

This dream came from the depths rather than from the heights. It was a conversation between parts of myself I have no knowledge of. I am glad there are deeper and deeper layers to explore.

Vicki Woodyard

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