All happens as life itself….

“Do not ask what people are thinking who long ago gave it up as a distraction from their purpose.”~~ Robert Brault

I love this quote. These days I am living it as much as I can remember to do so. Silence is seizing me in the gentlest of ways. Like a mother cat carrying a kitten by its neck, it will collect me from my thoughts and put me down in a better place. Here I can remember that my nature is silence itself and I unwind into nothingness.

My purpose is to raise my consciousness above the din of the mind. To let my ego-self dissolve back into the tao of nothingness. It is quite simple.

Not ever having been a social butterfly, I am free to be alone. I take walks in the neighborhood. August is a winding-down month. I see lots of spider webs, dragonflies and flowers slowly fading. The last tomatoes won’t ripen; now store-bought ones will be the only ones available.

I keep recording short videos just because I think of things to say. My books are dead as doornails. Just as well. Another one may come out, but it will only be read by a few people that trust my work to open their hearts a bit.

All good things must end. I reflect on endings daily and how peaceful they can be. People come and go, but the earth re-peoples itself effortlessly. I look to cosmic consciousness as the true fount of the soul.

Time to go for now. Be well. Be strong. Be weak. All will happen as life itself.

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. The doctor told me she was t sure my sister understood she was dying, because she gave no reaction. I came to understand she had no interest in talking about it or making a will nor did she care what was done with her possessions. But she knew.


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