A New Day

I’m tired of it! What am I tired of? The endless stream of non dual pundits, no better than politicians at working their game. They are boring, repetitive and useless to me personally.

Oh, you say. I am not a person? That the person has to be seen through? You would be correct if you weren’t busy being a non-person! See where I am coming from? The non dual pundits could not help me when my husband lay dying. Their input on suffering was inept. Not only that, it was cruel.

Persons and non-persons are on the same level. Let me talk to someone who is above me, who is “out of the game,” as Leonard Cohen put it. The pundits are on the level of the game.

The only people privy to this are those who have been broken of their own will.

You are broken not by a pundit but by the living experience that words are simply not enough. You must summon up your courage and quit the stage.

Pundits are still onstage with their clever rephrasing of the same-old same-old.

Can you find the person inside of you that is totally fed up with the Papaji wannabes because they cannot help you. That is the One that knows better than the pundits.

It cannot help a pundit quit preaching, but it can help you quit listening. Listening to pundits is a bad habit, stronger than coke or heroin. Why? Because you think they are smarter and better than you.

Have the last laugh. You know how.

That way love can enter your bloodstream and quietly course through your heart.

Vicki. Woodyard


  1. Vicki,
    I enjoy your writing. For many years studied Vernon’s teachings. Only now starting to see through the fog. Your words confirm so much and at the same time so little.


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