Setting my life on fire….

Rob cooked salmon tonight. I made corn and potatoes. There was spinach salad and some decadent Ben and Jerry’s for dessert. I can’t complain. My life has always been simple. I have everything I need. There are parts of the day in which anxiety arises; that is called being human.

Last night when I went to bed I had random pains, so I got an adjustment at the chiropractor this morning. The machine he used was broken and the room was hot. I sensed he was struggling. We all are. Once you know that, it is easy to know it in others.

I went to Chevron this morning. The woman that pumps my gas and I chatted and then I went to the grocery.

This afternoon the exterminator came and the guys that take care of the yard came to mow and blow.

I am blessed by many simple things. The extravagant ones are simply non-existent. If you are living a quiet life, someone’s smile feels extravagant.

As far as the 24/7 online discussion of non-duality, I just don’t have any interest any longer. I have paid my dues and even then got kicked out of the club. It was rigged to begin with. I say that with not a scintilla of animosity. Neither did Jesus. The truth is spoken and the carnival moves on.

Vicki Woodyard

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