You are a Survivor

I write for the few; those that know that they don’t know. If you think you know, you are thinking. Here is the problem, the one and only problem—we forget who we are.

Forgetfulness befalls us all. There are no exceptions. There are no spiritual teachers of non- duality that do not forget themselves daily. Forgive yourself for believing they know more than you do. Not knowing is the name of the game, after all.

My eye surgery is leading me to a rebirth. I am so happy it is behind me now. I will get a new pair of glasses and get on with my new life. New vision always leads to new life. The name of Vernon Howard’s school is New Life Foundation. Perfect.

You must understand the teachings esoterically. They are buried in the rubble and you must resurrect them. They are all connected, as are the negative emotions.

Walk away from the wreckage. You are a survivor.

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. Yes, I am walking away from the wreckage! I’m so glad your eye surgery is now behind you and yes it is a wonderful rebirth! How appropriate it is about “vision.” Just another beautiful gift that, at first, doesn’t feel like a gift. Hope you are doing well, Vicki, and have a wonderful weekend.


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