Thank you!

Dear Friends who have contributed to keep the site going, thank you so much. For those of you who haven’t donated, please consider it. Those who donate come into contact with me personally and realize that there is a string tugged between us, a heart string, if you will. I am a real person. I do this because it is what I do and who I am. But at some point, I have to cut back on how much time and energy I spend here.

I am not dispensing universal nondual advice, far from it. This is, instead, a personal journey back to the Self. As Leonard Cohen said, it is a baffling journey. No nondual teacher can fully live what they give out as the truth. No one is perfect.

I have to go rest my eyes now. Chip in what you can. And what I need is continuing contributions for that is how I write, continually.

Here is the link to click to donate….


  1. I support several blogs using Patreon (like $1 per blog post, something like that). But it does become another account you and your readers have to sign up for, rather than them contributing directly.


  2. I am so very fortunate to have happened upon your Notes. The timing was perfect. You have done more for me than you could possibly know. I love you dearly.


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