All I Need Today

Today is a great day to make a personal declaration of independence. After all, I have one of a set of 2 new eyes, thanks to cataract surgery. Wouldn’t you know it, yesterday I ventured out for a walk without wearing the doctor-recommended sunglasses and a gnat flew into my operated eye. I stayed calm and came in the house and looked into the mirror. There it was, a black gnat. I got some artificial tears and put a few drops in and blinked. The gnat moved from left to right and then lower and finally I couldn’t see it anymore. Whew. No need for concern. I just need to put the sunglasses on when I go out.

Today I am asking myself what I need. The answers are quick and simple. I need to trust myself more and to show myself more mercy. I have read all the books and listened to all of the teachers. Whadyya know? The same wisdom from outside is also inside. The only problem is forgetfulness.

This is why I was fascinated by the teachings of Vernon Howard. He knew this; he lived it. And all he did for us was to yell at us to wake up! His teachings have taken deep root in my psyche. I no longer listen to his recordings or read his books. I simply don’t have to. I can now yell at myself to wake up.

Theo came into my life at the perfect time. He is a teacher with no teachings. For that I feel immense gratitude. Now I know I am also free of teachings. I am free to trust myself. I was always free to do it. I just didn’t accept my own perfect inner knowing.

If you are wondering what my own perfect inner knowing is, I would not venture to explain it to you. Why? Because nothing that can be explained is worth a sou.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Once you’ve discovered who you are, telling the world becomes unnecessary. In accepting who others are, describing who or what they should be becoming seems counterproductive to both processes.


  2. Explanations are not the truth – if we but let silence speak, we clearly hear and start to understand where Truth really rises from and more so, what it is capable to do and achieve for us and we also start to shine in it, as you do, for others to see and feel it intimately and very basically. Thank you dearest Vicki for your enormous work – and why not let your eyes have a sufficient rest from the computer, the focussing and the light are quite tiring for me, so for yourself it must be hurtful now, so soon after the operations – I guess rest is truly a must – I go through all you have written here and think of you in much Gratitude.


    1. Yes, dear Silja, the silence is truly more powerful than words could ever be. There seems to be a ban against knowing this, however. Nothing precious is ever given without a payment of some sort.


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