The Self and Its Deep Compassion

We are slow to realize the greatest truths because they are well-hidden in the grave clothes of ego. It is not until the ego begins to draw its last breath that we understand the compassion of the Self in all beings.

It is voiceless and choiceless and in those two words its power lies. After all, don’t we spend our lives explaining and defending ourselves to others? If you haven’t seen this, there is no point in reading further.

There comes a time when the unwinding of those linen strips reveals a being that astounds us. It asks for nothing, never complains and is always, always on our side. It would not condemn us or betray us. It is the inner Christ we have been keeping under wraps for an entire lifetime.

But time is nothing to the pure love it holds for us and space is useless in the name of love. It carries only self-forgiveness and self-mercy and we have squelched it in favor of being liked by the world.

Once you see the darkness that the ego uses to keep the Self hidden, it is not long until you try and get rid of it. But love cannot destroy. It can only wait until self-insight reveals the next step to you. And what is the next step but letting it shine? Not without but within. The without receives the gift as it was intended to receive it. Like the sun that shines on all beings. All is well with your soul. Always.

Vicki. Woodyard

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