Your Inner Work

The longer I am off of Facebook, the more peaceful I feel. It’s like this blog is a quiet cul-de-sac, a bit off the beaten path. I feel a deep relief at not being bombarded with status updates of so many people. For awakening is not about that at all. It is not about keeping track of the Joneses. It is about returning home.

Here I can share my essence with the few. With those that have been around the block enough times to tell the good from the bad. To know what gives energy and what takes it.

As Theo worked on me a few days ago, he had no words higher than his being. Being is the direct route home, for being IS our home. Doing is just a reflection of it.

Home is a place of deep rest and self-acceptance. Like everything else in this world, there is both a true and a false home. In your true home, no demands are made on you by a world torn by conflict. Leave the conflict for others to settle. Settle your inner conflict and you profit the world.

Jesus did say His Kingdom was not of this world. You cannot do less. Your inner work is all that matters.

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. Dearest Vicki – I am so glad, so very thankful and feeling at peace and happy, each time I come here reading on your blog. It feels like wandering and journeying with you through a lively garden in full bloom, looking at this and that flower attentively, standing still residing in your words, I learn so much about my own life and existence, my own difficulties and failures – what an honour to be with you here.


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