Disappearing Ink

I wrote recently of my decision to leave Facebook and post my notes here on the blog. That decision came after a series of 3 dreams in which I was going to be in a play and found myself worried about not knowing my lines.

Last night I had dream #4 and it was a good one. I was mentoring 2 young girls who were in the same apartment building as I was. They were getting into comedy writing and I was telling them about my experiences. The key part of the dream was that their window looked directly out onto the Fox Theater stage. I could see its rich red curtains and this reminded me of the poem I published in my first book, Life With A Hole In It. If you haven’t read it, you should, because it tells about my experiences being a caregiver for my husband. Here is the poem:

We Are Drawn In Disappearing Ink

We are drawn in disappearing ink. Not much use in
wondering why or when we will run dry,
just fade away.

Our minds are drawn; our mouths are pursed.
We know it’s all been pre-rehearsed.

Come here, dear character so drawn
and look, there is another dawn.

See, it’s way out there beyond your
loves and hates…it rises like a rich red
curtain on the higher world.

Vicki Woodyard

So here I am, off-stage in a sense. Watching the play from a distance. The witness consciousness does not have to judge or fear what is happening on stage. Perhaps this is what the dream points to. Who knows anything, really? It is all part of the great mystery called Life 101. No one on earth has graduated yet. We are students one and all.


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