Everybody’s up against it….

“Everybody’s up against it,” wrote Leonard Cohen. Truer words were never spoken. We are all the walking wounded. No perfection is possible in these realms.

Having said that, self-compassion is the greatest gift we can give a troubled world. Yes. Self-kindness will lead to other-kindness. That leaves only one thing to do—care for yourself consciously.

I am learning that my greatest gifts have come from the deepest darkness. Out of destruction comes a rebirth that is totally up to you.

I walk this earth alone and with God. I do not walk it with other individuals. At some point it becomes obvious that when I am alone with myself, I am most together! How can it be otherwise?

Some of you are suffering greatly as you read these words. Isolate yourself and go deeper into it. Shut the blinds to the endlessly needy world and save yourself. By so doing, you save the world.

Drop deeply down into the heart and let it weep for every iota that you have lost. It will be returned to you when you no longer cling to it.

Everybody’s up against it. No one gets off scot-free. Be as cracked as you need to be. There is no escape via the mind.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Hi Vicki,

    “Everybody’s up against it.” Seems to me to be a perfect way of explaining the
    separate self. We need to experience the illusion of separation as separation, as
    independent of consciousness. Then there will be no everybody and no it. However,
    we seem to have a residue of dualistic thoughts and sensations, old patterns, which
    we encounter as life goes on..!

    Take care,



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