Eureka! (A Dream in Which I am Healed)

I woke up before four a.m. Got up and had some cocoa and toast with butter and jam. Went back to bed and had a big dream. Without going into a lot of details, I found freedom in it. My mother had dementia and was in a nursing home. She let me know she disliked me a lot. I found myself telling people about this. I also had my purse stolen while in a hospital where she was staying. I was carrying one credit card and a lot of cash. I planned to leave some money with her.

I saw a surgeon and told him about my purse being stolen. I said,”I was in an altered state, being tired and sad, otherwise I would have been careful.”

Someone was filming a brief documentary about my mother and while we were waiting, I went into the restroom and put a thick amount of index cards on an empty toilet tissue roll and it disappeared. So I told this surgeon and a nurse about it. The surgeon and I ended up in a conversation. He was posing questions to me. He must have asked me what I could do about my mother’s disliking me. I said, in so many words, that I had loved her deeply and completely and if that wasn’t enough……!

He was very pleased with my answer and remarked on my genuine sense of humor. But I told him I was still anxious. He said there was something I needed to do. What was that? Throw away my notes! He meant the stack of index cards I had been carrying around. He and the nurse showed me how to laugh deeply, involving my whole body.

I was rejoicing over his wisdom. The nurse said they did this in the restroom, filming it complete with audio. These were healing sessions they were doing with great joy. I said I wanted to be a part of it. Then she said, “Well, we do it in the nude,” as if making a very joyful joke. And then I woke up.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Awesome, beautiful dream, Vicki!! So much freedom found. I even thought that the index notes disappearing could be your words being sent out into the world. Love this.


    1. It was a very layered dream, but the payoff was meeting the surgeon. I forgot to say this, but our conversation took place in the restroom. They seemed to be there to free people up by asking them questions and listening to the answers. Of course I am not one whit different, but dreams like this offer hope to the unfree parts of us.


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