In My Solitude

The new computer and I don’t seem like one yet, but they will. It is the same way with the mind and the heart. The mind is made for separation; the heart is made for healing that great mental divide.

As I age I realize the truth of who I am more and more. I am the broken-down old heart in a broken-down old mind waiting for the dam to break. And it will. But I need to look ever deeper into the Tao, the perfect flow of the universe. That is who I am.

I sit here in my comfy robe on the second dreary day. Yesterday I did’t even go outside. Everything is green and wet and fertile. Therefore, so am I. The seeds of words I plant never fail to take root. I just need to remember that.

Somewhere someone is sitting alone reading this. So now I speak to them and for them. Every tree outside my window is invited to come in and sit with me. So they do. I don’t have to make room for them. Isn’t that wonderful?

I shelter the trees in exchange for their silence and they do the same for me. Pretty awesome. The trees know all about me and they come sit with me anyway. You should see them sitting. It’s ridiculous, but so am I. After I have been filled to the brim, the trees leave and take up their places in my backyard again. I guess they know me pretty well by now. We have been hanging together a long time. Solitude is where’s it at, even in the good company of trees.


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