Sunday Morning in the Dark

So I am up before daybreak again. Sunday morning in the dark. We all start life in the light, carrying it with us from higher realms. Gradually we get coated over with the slime of this world. Some despair before ever getting rid of it. They just get on with their lives, albeit bogged down with things that are not naturally theirs.

But the light shines in darkness. It is up to us to see the darkness so clearly that we realize it was thrust upon us by a sleeping world. We try to get rid of it, but find that we can’t do it easily. It is so inculcated in us to play along with the world’s script. We read our lines blindly, in ever-increasing darkness. It takes a shock to release us from the prison of the mind. For mind and society are one and the same thing. “They” are running the show and “I” am supposed to fall in with their demands.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways to wake up, but few of them work. I was lucky to be led to Vernon Howard, a darkness-buster if there ever was one. He yelled at us to “Wake up!” It was scary to be around him and also scary to keep on as we were before we met his teachings. Fear was all we had!

At this point in my life, I have seen through many of my inner demons, but they can still lord it over me. I tend to hide my power lest people turn and rend me. Oh, yes, the Bible is loaded with the truth. Rending or tearing at your aura happens, folks. I put white light around myself every day and it works. I had a few months where my defenses were penetrated by antibiotics and shingles, and all I could do was have patience until I healed. There are times in your life to fall back and regroup because well, that is all you can do.

So the Bible is dope, as some would say. Esoteric Christianity rocks. It leads you beside the still waters of awareness. It restores your soul. Even on a Sunday morning in the dark. The light is close at hand, always.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. If I understand Vernon Howard’s talks it seems to be a way to eliminate my thoughts that bring about pain which is self work and not meditation as others are teaching today.


      1. Something hit me as i was listening to one his talks and he spoke about prayers and meditations and that they were useless in his teachings. So we are the observer of our thoughts and yet we do not judge these thoughts and with this work we eliminate the thoughts.Many are teaching meditation as to quite the mind.


  2. It also seems to me that many are looking for a quick answer to their problems when in reality they are not getting to the root of the problem as I understand.I think that pain in someone life is to get us to address what really is going on within us.


  3. He also seem to come from the mystic side of christianity or esoteric christianity not christianity that has been taught in the last 200 years. You mention in one of your talks about the masters that is from the East. Thank you for what you are doing.


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