A Provocateur

Someone said I was a provocateur. I rather like that idea. It is good to write dangerous. To avoid the banal and embrace the sheer terror of the human condition. To have a dark sense of humor as well as a light one. To probe your own psyche is to probe everyone else’s as well. Most don’t want it and that’s fine. I live as I must and on the other hand, I have my cowardly side. No one is perfect. No one has this enlightenment game down. And it is a game as long as you think you are a player.

My friend and guru John Ramsey said that we are all skilled actresses and actors. “If you were sitting in the audience of a Shakepeare play, you wouldn’t stand up and shout, “This is only a play!” You would just sit there and enjoy the acting.” I love that.

He was very laid back about people still asleep. He said, “Let ’em nap. They’ll wake up when they are ready.” Droll, very droll.

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