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I thought something was wrong with my blog. Four visits in 2 days. My, my. Might as well retire from the blogging business and go rogue. whatever that means. I get more comments by far when I post something on Facebook. So I am between the devil and the deep blue sea. People that read my blog make occasional donations, which is a wonderful thing. That doesn’t happen on Facebook.

Here is my bio:
Vernon Howard student, writer, widow, mom and out on parole from Heaven. I wear a monitor, which is called a conscience.

It often goes off, leaving me in a cold sweat. Jesus, I am in trouble again!

He never punishes me, though. I am guessing He is way too busy with the real criminals, the pharisees.

The pharisees have Facebook cornered. They offer affirmations of goodness while writhing in the darkness of the tomb.

Yeah, I keep it real. J.C. likes that about me.

Some people talk about my harp. They say I harp on the same thing over and over and it annoys the hell out of them. That’s why I do it.

They say I am speaking of a teacher that made it hard on people’s egos. Good for him.

They say there is an easier way, to just know the “I am” awareness. I say it is way too easy to be a pretender to that throne!

Some love me and some hate me. Some said when I got ill, I was under psychic attack. I am always under psychic attack.

That doesn’t stop me from standing in the light and yelling to people that the darkness has much to teach us.

The dark night of the soul never kept me from writing. The writing was what made it bearable.

Some people cry when they read one of my essays. I like that. I am cracking people open like pistachio nuts.

Well, if you have read all of this, you are my friend. Come back soon and I will have pie in the sky for you….Jesus is about to catch me in that lie. Gotta go.

Vicki Woodyard


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