1. Dear Vicki, you said it and thank you for this. Falsehood is what resides within the artificial self, the dumbfolded and egocentric mind, never questioning itself or anything. As long as we cultivate wrongness within ourselves, we are the ones to support all those false teachings. A false teacher can only exist, if we ourselves as students cultivate wrongness. They strictly go together.

    Vernon Howard said:
    ‘You’re going to have to take responsibility for what happens to you, because what happens to you out in the world first happened to you inwardly. The falsehood that you believe in that man, you first told a lie to yourself.’

    Eagerly looking forward to your next theme.

    Have a nice day Vicki, and thank you for all you do for us readers.


    1. You might be interested in this, as it relates. The very first talk I ever heard Vernon Howard give in person, he said this, “Never blame the con man!”


      1. Oh yes how true. Seeing the con man in action is exactly what lifts the veil for to see what is wrong with ones own life and thought eventually. If I had not found to this socalled false teacher, who had so many good insights and aspirations with him, I never came to see my own deep seated follies, fears and lies. I am ever so grateful for having met this man. Blame leads nowhere.

        Thank you dearly Vicki for your precious words and time, I happily treasure it all.


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