Pressed Down and Running Over

Yesterday I found out there was water coming into the basement, possibly via my back deck. And my upstairs AC also died. I was stressed out. But good karma intervened quickly. By noon today I had ordered a new heating and air system for the upstairs and it will be installed on Monday.

I took a walk and as I approached my next-door-neighbor’s yard, her father and mother were there. They had stopped by to walk their daughter’s dog. I told him I had a water problem that I had no idea how to resolve. I asked if he would mind coming over and taking a look at where there were water stains on the wood in the basement. He was happy to do so,and hopefully, he will be able to put me in touch with someone equipped to fix the problem.

I have only met her father once and we ended up chatting on my deck. He is so full of grace that he made me cry! He is a retired Special Forces Officer in the army and lives not too far away from where his daughter lives now. He is a throat cancer survivor and told a story about a boy that died of a childhood cancer and how he spoke at a service for him. I was able to share my daughter’s story with him. “You know,” I said, “usually when I tell someone I have lost a child to cancer, they just drop a screen and change the subject.” Now he and I both had tears in our eyes.

He reminded me of my husband, Bob, the one man in a million so charged with decency that everyone senses it. He said he has been keeping a journal for 26 years, some of which were spent in Viet Nam. I told him I had written 3 books and he should give it a go. The man is so kind. So I have gone from bad karma yesterday to good karma today. Blessings pressed down and running over.

Bob would be happy to know that when I need something, I can—by grace, get in touch with supply.

I also got a donation to the website today from a loving and generous man that supports my work.

Endless gratitude,


  1. Dear Vicki, thank you for your todays writings, it is so moving. I just was at my mothers house, she is born in 1928 and also lost two children in very difficult circumstances, much of what we experienced is similar to what you experienced and lived through with your husband and child. We can relate strongly to what you write about these pressing times. So then I told her about your book ‘Life with a hole in it’ and that exactly through this sensed hole, the clear possibility arises to find to true light and to true inner meaning and support. I just wanted to say, that your writings and thoughts travel far and fast around the world and alleviate many troubled beings. Also, I am very glad that the good karma jumped in in time for you today, to help you get the house problems fixed so smoothly with the help of your very special neighbour. Thank you for this site and your presence here.


    1. I always doubt I am doing “enough,” so thank you, Silja! At least I am recognizing and honoring that good karma of which you speak. Another word for it is grace, I suppose.


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