Help for Higher Healing

I am working on spiffing up my website and it is in the experimental stages. Today just seemed like a magical day for me. I am looking for a simple presentation of what I write and speak about. I want it to allow my blog readers to share my posts with others so the site can gain readers. I hope if you like a post that you will get into the habit of clicking a Share Button or whatever beneath the post.

I am calling it Help for Higher Healing instead of Nonduality Now. The title reflects more clearly where I am now. My days of nonduality are over. Have been for a while. It is time for me to sail out into deeper waters. Please join me. I want this format to show all of the comments that you make and that I reply to. That will encourage more readers, I hope.

So here is a random thought for today:

“The only way through the barrier is to be the barrier.” ~John Daido Roshi

Truer words were never spoken. Please reply to this post if you like the idea of me having a new blog. Thank you, friend.



      1. I wanted something simple also. I think you made a good decision to go with WordPress, and the template you’re using lends itself to a pleasant uncluttered reading experience.


  1. Thanks for doing more blog posts. You may have many different audiences — Youtube, Facebook, this blog — that don’t cross over very much. It’s good of you to share with all of them, in their time. And, ditto on the redesign!


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