How We Walk the Path

Recently I had half a dozen people Unfriend me on Facebook after I posted something about being wary of nonduality teachers. Apparently, people perceived me as being negative. Nothing could be further from the truth. My teacher, Vernon Howard, said that it is supremely good to see the bad. Yes, why not? Why not let the scales fall from your eyes and see clearly?

In light of the Unfriending, I am reverting to my blog for a while to post my essays. You get pure truth here and it is to be valued. Otherwise, you are stuck on your opinions of the truth, rather than the truth itself. Truth is ruthless in ferreting out your weak spots. It does that in order to shed more and more light on how it is in this world.

None of us are perfect. We walk around in feet of clay. We stumble and fall in them. We trip and get all beat up. But we walk on. The old story about the student asking the guru what to do when he fell is a good one. “What I do when I stumble?” the student asked. “Get back up,” said the guru. But the student kept asking. The guru, growing weary, said, “New rule. Every time you fall, just get back up!” And that is how we walk the path.

Truth is universal; it applies to all of us. Love follows on its heels. But without truth, love is weak and watered down and does us no good.

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