Love Above the Opposites

I come to you with a love above the opposites. With a grace that has no face. With utter abnegation of my own will. And this is not a love of my own doing, but of my own being.

For doing belongs only to the omni-will, of the one Father-Mother of us all.

I come to you with no agenda, but a sure knowledge that all personal agendas break down and betray the planner.

I come to you with a blank slate and a broken pen.

I come to you with no fortune and no fame. I come to you like blessed rain.

I come to you with no desire and no fear, for love would have me leave these to the wind.

I come to you with my broken hopes and dreams, for they have been redeemed in the fire, turned into the jewel in the lotus.

I come to you with no price tag and no hope of prospering from you.

A love above the opposites would have me leave you and forsake you so that you, too, can become love above the opposites.

This love will bring the only joy you will ever know and it must be shared instantaneously in all times and in all places.

Wherever you go, there I am.

Vicki Woodyard

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