The Svengali of Surrender


We all want to know how Leonard Cohen manages to gain entrance into our hearts and remain there. A cat burglar that breaks in only to leave gifts. The first time he made an impact on me was back in the eighties. “Take This Waltz” was the little ditty he did on Austin City Limits. My goodness. I had to buy the album it was on (I’m Your Man) and play the song a trillion times.

Since then I have pondered the mystery of how he manages to seduce thousands upon thousands of us in his simple songs, so complex at the same time. His wit is as endless as his depths. And I love a good twinkle in anyone’s eye.

I even managed to get myself to Amsterdam to hear his final European concert for the Grand Tour. I stood by the stage as if I had been a groupie all my life.

So what is the secret? How does he sneak into our lives and become a central figure in them? Probably better that we don’t analyze it. Analysis is death to love and love is what Leonard offers us again and again. Even if he has to sneak in when we aren’t looking. The man is a master of disguise, a cat burglar of love, a Svengali of surrender. Gotta love him or else. And I do.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Yes, he is. I have an analytical mind which has presented quite the challenge to overcome. Love you dear Vicki! I’ll be reading your posts in a week. I’m leaving on a jet plane in just a few hours. I think I will have the time of my life. This is the greatest summer of my life. Yes, even with the challenges. Hope it lasts…♥


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