Reality Hits

I just got notice of my 3-month royalty payment from the publisher of Bigger Than The Sky. A little over $3! What am I to think about this? Less than I tipped the manicurist. The book sells for less than $15 on amazon and I, the writer, get a little over a dollar.

I ask for donations for my blog and get one or two if I am lucky. Last time I got only one.

I will never quit writing, but lest people think I do not need blog donations, nothing could be further than the truth.

Only famous writers and best selling books bring in any money for writers.

It has ever been thus.

What shall I do with my royalty? Buy half a cup of ice cream? Any other ideas?

In the meantime, if you are willing to back my writing, if you are willing to support it, hit the Donate button. Maybe that is how I am meant to finance my next book.

Love and thanks,

Comments welcomed....