StarShip Ten Billion and One

I woke up this morning having slept only a few hours. When I did sleep, I had crazy dreams. This morning I am filled with an unnameable dread that will soon pass into fatigue. What is the reason for this? Perhaps because I am traveling in a starship among innumerable galaxies and am a long, long way from home.

Or possibly something is on my mind and I think I can find a solution on the mental level but the knowledge is safely hidden in my subconscious. But then I would need a good therapist and therapy has proved useless in these situations.

Perhaps this is why creative people of all persuasions sing and draw and paint and write of their feelings as they sail by in their own starships.

My own craft has been certified safe throughout all eternity by the Maker of All Worlds. And He/She must know what they are doing.

I let my ship drift where it will now, trying to avoid crashes with other ones and praying that each passenger alone in theirs will know my good intentions as well as my need to seed love as I travel.

So I sail on, engulfed in my humanity, which causes the ship a good deal of wobbling. But The Maker still assures me that all is well.

Vicki Woodyard, Starship # Ten billion and one.


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