Today’s Manna

Manna in the form of Bread Pudding
So I go to Tai Chi and tell my teacher Cate about this wonderful new energy in my life and she is moved, for she remembers how I started her class 4 years ago.

And the new student’s name is Laurie Lee, which happens to be my sister’s name (My daughter was named after her). So my antenna was up already.
After class, I decide to treat myself to lunch at The Stockyard, a new restaurant in Vinings. When I get there, they take me in a side door because there are yellow jackets at the front.

A lovely girl named Kate seats me and takes my order. I tell her I am learning to enjoy lunching alone and she is all for it! Once more, I have made the first move and now am connected to Source in a stronger way.

We chat a bit about energy and how it helps to do new things. She is very kind and when she brings the bill, she says, “MIss Vicki, the coffee is on me!” And I am so grateful for our connection and I think she is, too.

Now it gets even better. Suddenly the manager appears to ask how everything was. His name is Zeke and once again, I open a conversation with him and he is immediately present.

He sends me home with a free dessert, saying “We need more people like you in the world,” and the gratitude swells again. Especially when he offers me a hug.

And so I am back home and in awe at the new energies flooding in, complete with bread pudding.

Vicki Woodyard

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