For What It’s Worth, I am offering Skype Calls

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When I first met my friend Peter online, he wrote, “For what it’s worth, I hold your hand in this.”

I have turned over a new page in my life. The videos that I am making are responsible, you might say. They allow me to give literal voice to the teachings. If I look within, I see new green leaves sprouting in my heart.

The videos are available mainly on Facebook now. I have just begun to add them to YouTube. Only 3 are there currently and they are all brief.

I recently had a Donation Drive and about a dozen people chipped in and for that I am so very grateful. I’ve been doing everything free and occasionally by donation for a long time and have no plans to change that.

I have decided to try Skype as a vehicle for what I do. I am not sure how it will work, but initially I am asking for a Website Donation to cover my energetic expenses. If anyone is interested, they can make a PayPal donation and then we can decide on a time for the Skype Call. I realize that I will only get a few takers, but at least I am putting myself out there. We shall see what unfolds.

I can’t do them for free, because they do involve time out of my life. The donations insure that 
“the workman is worthy of his hire,” as the old saying goes.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I hope I have inner wisdom to share that will emerge spontaneously in the Skype calls. If that doesn’t happen, I shall table the whole idea. So get in touch if you want to take place in the experiment. Send me an email or a Facebook Message….

Vicki Woodyard

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