The best things in life are wordless, leave you wordless. Most of the time our dreams are about frustrations of one kind or another. With me, I am always getting lost, losing my purse, having emotional difficulties. It’s been a long time since I had a dream with any sort of meaning.

Last night began with the usual theme. I needed to floss my teeth, couldn’t get in my hotel room, took the wrong bus, etc. But then a woman in an old green sports car drove me to the restaurant I had been trying to find.

A man was there with his young daughter. She was wearing a silver charm bracelet and I asked to look at it. Their backstory was that his wife had died when his daughter was a baby. He was interacting with quite a few people there. He had a magical effect on them because he was loving them and giving them what they wanted. Perhaps what their hearts wanted.

I gave him a dented baking pan because I felt he needed it and he did. And right before I woke up he kissed me full on the mouth and I was sorry it woke me up so abruptly. It was a very groovy dream.

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