Circles don’t have edges. That is what makes them so wonderful. Nothing boxy about a circle. Nothing sharp, either. A circle might be the ideal place to find yourself. And of course you are always in the center.

Now don’t tell me you will feel alone, because what you are cannot ever be lonely. It can only be full of grace and laughter. I have been sorrowful and I have been peaceful and the circle has room for both. For circles have neither endings or beginnings.

I gave birth to two children, a boy first and then a girl. The girl had to leave early, at age seven. And I thought she had actually left when all she ever did was become a larger kind of love, a bigger light than I could see with my human eyes.

Now the boy, grown to a man, lives with me. Or I with him. I am never sure about anything these days. My husband, like my daughter, outgrew the human circle and entered the larger, unseen one with my daughter.

Circles don’t have edges. Neither does God.

Vicki Woodyard

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