Becoming the Ocean

What does it mean to become the ocean? For me, it happens only when wholeness moves me beyond thought and into pure being. This is bliss. This is grace. This is coming home.

We are cosmic beings limited woefully when we think of ourselves as being separate. And yet our culture assures us that each one of us must somehow conquer life. I have not conquered a drop of it until I become it.

Of course I remain a person called Vicki, but only on paper. Those bits and pieces that are my drivers license and social security number, etc. But love cannot be contained on file in any office.

I will continue to write, pouring cups of water into an already-full ocean. That is the nature of things while in this world. The ocean doesn’t mind if I go by the name of “wave.” It is still and always will be, the ocean. And that is who I am.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Listening to ocean surf on earphones once, I ‘became’ the ocean for a few moments. How amazing to be merged with everything. What a sense of freedom!


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