Perseverance vs. Confidence

I have a lot of self-doubt. Just programmed that way. But I am realizing that perseverance and confidence are two different things. My life has been about persevering in the face of emotional obstacles. I am determined to plow through life one day at a time. But self-confidence is not highly developed in me, if it is a skill at all. And I think it is.

Today felt miraculous. I went to Office Max and got a desk chair on sale there, finally. I had been waiting for the price to go down, as I was told it would. I paid to have the salesman put it together for me. While I was waiting, I walked to Chick-Fil-A and got chicken and biscuits. Ten minutes later, the chair was ready and I drove home.

Then I went to the chiropractor, as he is working on restoring more range of motion in my neck. Once home, I ate my chicken and had a cup of coffee. I just felt so….competent and grateful.

In the afternoon, I made some tri-tip steak in the skillet. I also washed my plastic spice rack tiers and dried them. Put the spices back.

Most of the time I don’t get that much done in a day. The bonus was seeing that my book is doing well in Australia. Good on ya, kid! Pat myself on the back time.

Keep the faith, believe in yourself and walk on. Some years have been horrendous. Some days have been unbearable. So on a day when I can do all that I have written above, a hallelujah is in order. Hallelujah!

Vicki Woodyard


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