The Precious Jewel of Who You Really Are

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When Theo returned to our city in March, I didn’t hear about it. But in August, by some kind twist of fate, a friend of mine told me he was coming to town that week. I quickly booked an hour of energetic healing with him. I tucked a copy of Bigger Than The Sky into my purse. I also took the rock I had picked up on Agata’s front porch. Her last words to me were “You can put the memories of this day into the rock.” Six months later she would be dead.

So there I was at the healing art center, watching Theo walk toward me. He ushered me into the room he was using and we exchanged greetings. I showed him the rock and asked him to bless it. He took it into his hands, letting his vibration enter it and then at some point returned it to me.

“How is your book?” he asked. I was surprised that he remembered; it had been a year since I saw him last. I had taken a copy of the cover to him and asked him to bless it, which he did. Now I drew my copy of the book out of my purse and asked him to bless it. You get the idea; I like the idea of holy men blessing things that are important to me.

“It isn’t selling,” I told him. “People that find it love it, but it is lost on amazon.”

“Why do you think that is?” he asked.

“Because it isn’t sexy,” I ventured. He laughed heartily. Then he said that it felt beautiful in his hands. “I know from holding it” he said, “that there are beautiful things inside.”

He then acted out a little scene where someone is in a bookshop looking for something, but they are not sure what. “They might go through rows of books, feeling they haven’t seen anything they are drawn to, and then suddenly, they find it!”

“Figure out in a sentence or two what this book is about,” he said. “The right people will find it.”

That was last week. His words are simple but they cut right to the chase. I just have to figure out what this book is about.

I feel it is about the last lesson; the one I have yet to learn. On impulse, I asked Theo if he would like it if I left my copy of the book with him. “Oh, yes,” he said, seemingly delighted. “I will read it. Thank you.”

In the foyer my son was waiting. I asked Theo if he minded posing for a photo with me and he graciously did. He even suggested we get a second one, “just to be sure.”

Yesterday I wrote something that solved a problem I had been carrying with me forever. It goes something like this. “Why don’t my books sell?” I would check and recheck amazon only to find no sales again today or the next day.

Theo was showing me that people must be led to things of value for them. They must discover them. That the reward is internal, not external. I was searching for sales and even if I found them, the outer reward would destroy my inner reward.

That is the genius of truth. It must be discovered. It is the ruby hidden in our own bundle. Perhaps that is what Peter discovered. After losing all he had in the outer world, he found the precious jewel of who he really was. And Theo is helping me to continue the lesson.

Vicki Woodyard

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