A new me has arrived on my doorstep right on schedule. Wow. Who would have thought I would finally understood a simple fact. If you are wondering what it is, it is this. When I choose to love myself, I am loving the universe. All compartmentalization has ceased and it is about time.

Not only that, I owe no one an explanation about anything at any time. Gone is the need to justify my life to myself.

Guilt, goodbye.

Conscious self-love, hello.

I have shivers these days and I am not cold.

This is not puppy love but an old dog receiving new wisdom straight from the source.

I am drinking from the fountain that will never run dry.

Yip, pee. I mean yippee.

Humor helps dissolve the guilt and shame that I have been carrying in my backpack way too long.

I am jumping off the cliff right behind the backpack. Call me a fool.

I am looking out for myself for the first time and it feels good.

Vicki Woodyard

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