I don’t know….

Knife and the apple
God told us not to eat the fruit of the mind.
We did anyway, probably because we were told not to.
We were kicked out of wholeness then and sent to
live a life inside our heads.
And we have been there ever since.


This morning I lay in bed with my eyes closed talking to God.
(Or myself. I can’t tell the difference. Neither of us knows anything.)
This feels better than opening my eyes and living my mechanical life.
“The present’s not that pleasant. Just a lot of things to do.” (Leonard Cohen)

I have no will of my own.
The entire universe moves and I move along with it.
I have never met the universe.
It always wins.


Everybody lies. (House)
Everybody lives in fear.
Love is absent from the mind.
I want to get back home.


What I wrote is the way back home.
Honesty is a trip.
Humility is a result of not knowing anything.
How this all works is a mystery.
I bow to it.

Selah and amen.

Vicki Woodyard

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