A True Teacher

This is an email between M. and I about Vernon Howard.

M: VH was a true teacher. Do you think he escaped the ups and downs we all struggle with? Do you think he transcended the traps of the mind? Or are all human beings subject to these things while they walk the earth?

Vick: I don’t know. He never spoke of his own inner life. But he taught me more than anyone online ever has or ever will. His statements are jarring so they will shock us into seeing things as they really are. No one wants to, because it means that life as we are now living it isn’t worth anything. We live in fear of what others can do to us. No one on Facebook can admit that. Everybody lies, as House said on his TV show. We lie to stay safe from the animalistic behaviors of people. If people were what they claim to be, this would be heaven on earth. It isn’t. So it is always good to see the bad.

M:From the videos I’ve seen of him, he didn’t mince words. You don’t see anyone like him these days. He doesn’t sugar coat what he teaches. When Christ was teaching his followers, he seemed frustrated because they didn’t seem to get it. VH seems to share that frustration in his videos. You are lucky to have had a teacher like him. 

Vicki: You get exactly the same thing from him. That is the beauty of his legacy. If I could be true to what he taught, I would have NO friends at all. His followers were not friends; it was not like that.

His followers were being exposed and therefore no one was nice to anyone else. No one could lie and get away with it. I could have stayed true to his teachings but I wanted to write. And that has gotten me exactly nothing. But that is one of my lessons. I am watching my books die while other ones soar right to the top. If I can tell you one thing, it is that a true teaching is too pure for
humans to ever live up to. Wow, a note is happening. I wonder what I am doing. Whatever it is, I like it.



    1. Oh, I remember reading The Master Game many years ago. Vernon was on that same track. I didn’t know he was Ouspensky’s gardener, though. You had some sort of grace working for you to get to study with him.


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