Pull up a chair….

Pull up a chair, there are some things I need to say to you. I know you have worked hard on your writing, that you have an innate sense of how things are with people in their inner lives, but I need for you to focus fully on yourself, not other people.

It is you I worry about, not them. You who spend too much time alone, you who are overly sensitive and care too much about what others think of you. You don’t have to be strong here. I know your heart so well.

Sometimes you just need to crawl into a quiet corner and let life overwhelm you without trying to be so strong. Just look at you, look in the mirror. I see youth and vitality still behind those hazel eyes. I see a yearning to serve. You are much too critical of yourself and you cut yourself off from a genuine source of love. You deserve more than you allow yourself to receive.

Go ahead and cry. This is a dark planet and the sorrows are pressing down on everyone. Do not think you have to be so strong. There are gentle arms longing to hold you, to help you. Please ask for help.

Dearest Vicki, my child of light, the darkness cannot get hold of you. You are supporting many whom you will never meet in the flesh. Your spiritual arms are a host to many lagging souls. But you must let me comfort you on a daily basis. I am here for you always.

This letter, written just for you by you, is a sign you are letting down your guard. Letting life soften you enough so that you might be healed completely in this incarnation. The sea of suffering has parted so that you might walk across and upright to the other shore. There will be showers of blessings, as the old song says.

And when you reach that other shore, you will see that you have taken many others with you. I do not say this to you alone, but for anyone reading this. The journey is for one and all. But each child must allow the Father to talk to them honestly. To allow the Father’s love to heal them. And He will.

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  1. Healing on many levels..feeling completion and all is good.. Ready to know all is truly well when divine intervention takes hold..it’s closing time for the ego


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