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There is no free will. You show up or you don’t. You win or lose. You live or die. None of it is up to you. Everything moves as a whole. One star doesn’t shine alone. It shines with every other particle in existence. With every other wave that ever was. We are in concert live.

So who is claiming power over their lives? No one but the impostor ego. It, by the way, is our personal instrument of torture disguised as our helper. We feel it but we don’t know it. If we knew it consciously, we might be onto getting rid of it by seeing through it. But our glasses are still dark.

We try and manage our emotions and impulses. What a hopeless job that is. I am writing these words as if I was in charge of them falling into visibility. I’m not. I am must doing the only thing I know how to do. Impulses take me over and I write.

Other impulses move me to watch TV and cook and eat. Nothing spiritual about that. We are just doing what we are told to do by the larger organism called life.

This is not being pessimistic for it is the truth. We are slaves of ego or of God. Either way, we are zero. Blown about the sky by the wind of spirit or impaled on the stake of our own plans. What fools we mortals be, as Shakespeare said. It is easy to love a fool, though. Just look in the mirror and smile.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Wow, Vicki! I LOVE this! It resonates so strongly my body is shaking to its core. Blessings to you today and each day!


      1. If you watch your thoughts on a daily basis, you quickly get to the root of your suffering. Them 🙂 But they don’t have an off switch most of the time. Oh, you can hit the Off button, but it will automatically resume thinking in less than a minute. So we are in it for the long haul, ain’t we? I know darned well that spiritual teachers face the same issues as the rest of us poor suckers. They just won’t cop to the guilty plea. I use tricks and techniques to get out of the Think Trap, as Vernon Howard called it, but it is uphill all the way. Total surrender is impossible, so we must try for lots of little ones, I guess. Everything Christ said was true and esoteric Christianity is to try and apply what He said.


  2. I read this and something in me feels it’s right. I scan my past and think of all the times I fought for something that never came to be. Just useless fighting….with myself…or I guess, no one fighting no one for nothing. ? Yet, I haven’t gotten to the point of surrender. Someday.


  3. I’ve been wondering what the incomplete sentences at the end of your Facebook postings were about, then clicked on one and it brought me here. What a delight!


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