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Dear God,

I took a walk this July evening. The day had finally cooled off and there were large puffy white clouds in the pale blue sky. I thought to myself, “How would it be if I were dead and had just returned to earth for a visit?” And I immediately felt a sense of relief, for I have been struggling here for so long.

Last night the firecrackers on this back street went off until about eleven o’clock. It was hard for me to get to sleep and I was quite annoyed. As I pretended to be dead, I realized that it no longer mattered. I could just walk along peacefully.

I passed a neighbor’s house. She was out doing some chores and if I hadn’t been dead, I would have asked her who had been shooting the loud fireworks. As it was, I just kept walking. At the end of the street, I looked up at the sky and slowly turned in the other direction to begin my walk back home.

Now I enjoyed the magnolia trees with their new growth and I smelled the scents of summer. I relaxed. Now I had time I didn’t have when I was alive.

The exercise felt better than if I were alive. Hmmm. That is very interesting. So death is a profound relief. Kindness entered into me as easily as could be. I felt grateful instead of miserable. So death is not miserable.

Now I am back home again. I would write a letter to everyone on earth, but I am dead so no one can hear me or see me. That is a relief, too.


If you are reading this letter, you are either dead or alive. You will know which one. I feel the presence doesn’t really care either way. Love just keeps on regardless.

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