Song of the Toad

Someone said “You’re not doing it right or like I would.”
And that was true and I grew blue.
What to do.

I felt like I was beautiful and right on track
and yet I dared not fight back.
I held the lack.

The lack turned into years of rain.
I was flooded in the pain.
And yet I was beautiful and growing more so
every day.
But they held sway.

The years went by and like a tree
I weathered many seasons
without giving any reasons.
I knew they didn’t care.
It wasn’t fair.

I drew the curtain; shut the door.
I wasn’t feeling anymore.
I lived in gloom.
I swept my heart of laughter.
Only tears came after.
I wasn’t there.

But in some way the light crept in.
I was more beautiful than I’d ever been.
They didn’t see me, didn’t feel me.
Only I knew how to heal me.

I stood alone, my heart a stone.
I breathed a prayer and felt an air
of music in my soul.

At last I knew my heart was true
and I was doing right by you
to always be myself, no wonder.
I no longer will go under.
I will rise and take my place
and feel my own amazing grace.

Vicki Woodyard

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