The Author At Home

This is a photo my son took of me on our kitchen deck a couple of days ago. Some of you have seen it on my Facebook Page. It got a lot of views and I thought, “Hmmmm….maybe people enjoyed seeing a picture of me in my usual habitat.” Ha ha. It’s April in Atlanta and everything is spring green and new.

My book, Bigger Than The Sky: A Radical Awakening, came out in September of this year. It has 26 five-star reviews on amazon. All who discover it love it. I hope you will click on this link which will take you to its page on amazon. Once there, please order a copy. This writer needs readers.


A reviewer from the U.K. says, “Vicki, words fail me as I attempt to express the joy this jewel of a book has given me. I will be reading it again and again, whenever necessary. It is timeless. Thank you!”

Vicki Woodyard

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