Be Simple. Be Yourself.

Just be simple. Let everyday life be your teacher.”~ Vernon Howard

We are all made out of God substance. Surprisingly, we forget this and think we are self-made. Like we are a Build-a-Bear type of people. I probably spelled that wrong, but branding is part of the illusion and I can safely disregard it.

Branding is key to delusion. Just look at what passes for entertainment these days. Big butts are in. Who handed this pronouncement down? I can’t tell you that but Entertainment Tonight is big into it. And if I hear the words “baby bump” one more time, I will toss my cookies.

God is not into branding. Apparently we did not get the memo. He should have made it one of the commandments. “Thou shalt not brand.”

Now I can segue into another rant about branding. Religion is about branding. Spirituality is guilty of the same thing. What is a person made by God to do but be who they are?

Ranting is no fun. My teacher was quite good at it. He yelled at us and pounded his fist on the desk. We squirmed at being told we were no one. We grabbed ourselves by the hair and tried to leave but some of us just couldn’t. We recognized the truth in his words.

What is a person who is no one to do?

Don’t be too quick to answer that because you will become a know-it-all.

Instead, spend today doing nothing, being nothing and having nothing.

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